Resources for cracking your system design interview

Let's crack your system design interview

Resources for cracking your system design interview

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In this blog post, I'll provide the resources required for cracking system design interviews. Over the past year, I have given many interviews. There were a lot of resources present on the internet. But, not all of them work for everyone. Based on my experience, I am sharing these resources which worked well for me.

Free Resources

System Design Primer - A bible for system design. A big thanks to Donne Martin for his contributions. I have gone through this to get my basics refreshed and correct some of the concepts.

Awesome Scalability - An underrated resource. It contains links to all the basics and different use-cases. I read a few articles per week from this list.

Hiredintech - This course has some good basics.

Tianpan - This blog has short and concise designs. I had gone through this in the end.

Low-level design - This has a good collection of low-level designs.

There are youtube channels about system design, but I found none of them gone through much into depth. If you like learning from videos, you can refer below.



Paid Resources

Grokking System Design Interview - This is a very famous course about system design. I purchased and gone through. But, honestly, I don't find it has much depth. It was all very basic and naive I felt.

Interviewready - This course is from Gaurav Sen. He is famous on youtube for system design content. I haven't purchased this. But, I heard good reviews from people.

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