How I built domain hunter using OpenAI on a weekend

How I built domain hunter using OpenAI on a weekend

I built domain hunter which generates domains available for registration based on the given terms using OpenAI.


When ChatGPT was released, everyone was in awe, and a few people built production on top of it. I was also in the same hype and created a product. It is called domain hunter — A tool that generates domains that are available for registration using OpenAI. You give terms in the search bar and it generates the domains.

An image showing domain hunter homepage

System Design

Tech Stack

  1. Python

  2. Django

  3. Celery

  4. Redis

  5. PostgreSQL

  6. TailwindCSS

  7. jQuery

Domain Hunter System Design

As explained in the above diagram, the user enters the search terms, they will be put in a rabbitmq queue. They will be picked up by celery workers and call OpenAI for domain suggestions. At this point, we don't know whether all the domains suggested by OpenAI are available or not. So, we need to call domain APIs to get the availability and price.

There are other sets of workers which consume messages from rabbitmq and call domain APIs. Then they put that data in redis and the database. So, the REST API controller will be polling redis for new data. Whenever it is found, it will return to the client.

Database Design

Low Level Design of Domain Hunter

  1. core_searchterm is the table that stores the terms and max_tokens to be used by OpenAI.

  2. core_apiprovider contains the configuration of the API provider. It contains the base URL, token, etc...

  3. core_apicallaudit contains other requests and responses of every API call. It has a foreign key to the API provider and search term.

  4. core_domainsuggestion contains a foreign key to the search term and its available domain details.

  5. core_visitor_search_terms and users_user_search_terms maintains the mapping of user/visitor to search terms.

End Notes

Currently, it has a free and paid plan. I released it 3 weeks ago. So far I did not see a single user sign up. People are visiting the website, searching, and disappearing. It seems I did not find the market fit yet. I am still trying, let's see.

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