How I lost money in domain flipping

think domain flipping is easy? nope


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How I lost money in domain flipping

Greediness is very dangerous in domain flipping. One should not expect high returns in less time. It takes a number of years to get succeed in domain flipping. In this post, I discuss how I burnt my hands in domain flipping.

So it all started last year in July when my friend told me about this website called I went through the website, found it interesting, did some research on buying and selling domains. At first, I thought that I can make more money if I buy good domains. so, I headed over to Twitter and asked domainz if I can make profit buying domains from him. He advise me to buy some domains and sell them on flippa, so I bought a subscription for 15$, then browsed through a few domains and bought the following domains. The total cost is around 20k INR which is a good amount of money. I expected double the money within a year. The list of domains I bought are

After buying, I thought what if the domains were not sold in a year. I panicked and thought I did a mistake. I want to recover the money and try these ways.

  1. So, I put all my domains in with premium listing by paying 59$. I realized that domain flipping is not so easy way to make money.
  2. I put them for auction in Sold 2 domains for 90% loss ๐Ÿ˜”. I got to know that we shouldn't buy trademarked domains like and due to copyright infringements. So, I panicked and immediately deleted those domains for loss.
  3. I heard about (now, and listed all my domains there. The good thing about them is they provide a neat landing page and statistics about each domain. I waited for a year, but unfortunately, only one domain was sold.

What did I learn?

  • never invest without knowing the basics of anything.
  • more than pros, know cons first.
  • don't trust any website/person. only believe in your analysis and conscience.
  • patience is the key. say you have some money with which you can buy 10 domains for a year. do not buy 10 domains for a year, instead of that research and shortlist 2-3 domains and buy them for at least 5 years and put them on sites like and forget about them. This is where I did wrong.
  • if you bought a bunch of domains, try developing something on them.

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